"Content is out of control..."

by Danielle Cooley

Gerry McGovern is no stranger to LCMS, and some results from his recent survey of Web professionals are relevant to our mission here.

Content is out of control in many organizations. One respondent sums it up as “Too many people are busy putting up content without reflection, instead of asking themselves "why".” Another laments “Old content that no one wants to take responsibility for and the original content provider has moved on or retired.”
Often organizational ego is behind content bloat, as articulated by this web professional: “Making sure the public facing content is for the public. We have internal departments that insist they need a public facing website when all they offer are services to our other departments.”

It's so true, of course. The Kansas State University Library case study provides one example of this, along with some great ideas for bringing an organization around to the idea of Less Content, More Strategy.