Less... on my phone?

by Danielle Cooley

Who needs all of the complexities of a smartphone? 

Well, a lot of us, admittedly. But does your kid? Does your grandmother? No. And there isn’t a lot out there for them. 

OwnPhone saw the need for a simple phone, with a lot LESS stuff, and created a business plan.

Just a simple phone that places and receives calls. No browser. No games. No maps. No voicemail. Clearly-labeled with a maximum of 12 pre-stored numbers to call.

I think this is brilliant. I see this being useful for parents wanting to be able to communicate with their kids without giving them all of the features of a smartphone. (Photo buttons coming soon, which makes it great even for preschoolers.) Or for the elderly who just need a phone for emergencies. Or for anyone who just wants to unplug for a while but still be able to be reachable for critical situations or just to check on the kids without the temptation of email and Bejeweled at their fingertips.

Pricing is a little high, imo, but they are just getting started. I look forward to seeing this in the US soon.