Kansas State University Libraries Case Study (Part 3)

by Danielle Cooley

Part 3 of a three-part guest post from Tara Coleman, Joelle Pitts, and Harish Maringanti.

Where we are now

You’re probably wondering how many pages we have now - approximately 1354 pages. We’re doing much better but we still have a long way to go. We have a couple of things in the works that will greatly decrease our page numbers.

This de-cluttering process helped us to address the information architecture needs of our library and put the focus on the customer. Additionally we were able to define the role of content creators and provide appropriate tools for their workflows. As a result, we stopped hoarding content in a static, all purpose website and started creating content in more dynamic, purpose driven systems such as libguides, archon, etc. The Scream Test method also helped prevent us from further diluting the K-State Libraries branding by migrating out-of-date, internal, or value-less content to the new CMS. So in the end, it took three not-so-easy steps to get to the point where we can finally heave content without the emotional breakdown, but the clean(er) house is absolutely worth it!

Redesigned Kansas State University Libraries Web site.


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